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Save Topanga's Turtles!

Turtle Pond Dried Out

Topanga's Turtles are feeling the heat and need your help.
by Rosi Dagit, RCDSMM
As the temperatures continue to hover over 90oF, our local native western pond turtle neighbors are searching for refuge. This summer marks the fourth year in a row that the main turtle pond has been dry, and the small refugia pools are dropping fast. Thanks to a wonderful group of volunteers, last fall we were able to hand carry 200 gallons of water per week almost half a mile to keep the refugia pools going, but they were already low again by May 2015. Since August 2014, we have found over 50 dead turtles. This is a very large percentage of the 350 individuals we have tagged since 2002. Most appear to have died of starvation, as they can only feed when in the water.  We need your help! Please read on to hear more about the turtle's plight and to see some incredible photos.

To donate volunteer time, supplies or a temporary pond location, call Rosi at 818-597-8630, or send a tax deductible donation to: RCDSMM, 540 S. Topanga Canyon Blvd., Topanga, CA  90290.  Be sure to note it is for the Turtle Fund.  Thankyou!

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