What Your Town Council Does For You

What Your Town Council Does For You


Wondering about the construction in town? Concerned about trash along TCB? Worried about water restrictions due to the drought? Wonder about Topanga’s future?
The Topanga Town Council, though not an official governing body, hears your concerns and works to facilitate solutions for the community with the county agencies that have oversight on local issues. Formed nearly 40 years ago in response to needs unique to our mountain community, residents created the all-volunteer Town Council to serve as a liaison with Los Angeles County Supervisor’s Office and other relevant agencies, such as the CHP, Sheriff’s and Fire Department.

Worried about emergency preparedness? Wonder what to do if there’s a fire or flood or earthquake in the canyon?
The Council actively serves on county emergency preparedness committees alongside local organizations such as TCEP, Arson Watch, CERT, and North Topanga Canyon Fire Safe Council, ­and with the related county and state agencies to ensure coordination and support for emergency concerns, including the production of the Topanga Survival Guide and local disaster drills.  The Topanga Resident Access Card is a Town Council program that grew from resident demand for a more effective re-entry program after an evacuation.

Concerned about preserving the natural habitat and urban woodlands of Topanga as a unique mountain community?  Want Topanga to retain its natural beauty and scenic atmosphere?
The Council works vigorously with canyon groups in coordination with county and state agencies to enhance the natural qualities of Topanga as part of the Santa Monica Mountains. It supports various efforts, including non-toxic roadside maintenance and the annual Topanga creek cleanup.  The Council appears at hearings regarding watershed issues, wildlife protection, and development concerns.

Want to see the community groups unique to Topanga like the Topanga Community Club, Theatricum Botanicum, Canyon Sages, Topanga Elementary School, to name a few — grow and prosper?
The Council works hand-in-hand with many of our local nonprofits and the services they provide — because, as they say, “It takes a village.”  The Council provides the many community arts, education, and service organizations in the canyon with support and publicity, while facilitating coordination among them to enhance their fundraising and volunteer efforts.

Want to see local businesses thrive while maintaining Topanga’s small-town appeal?
The Council supports the business community with issues that affect them directly, such as supporting efforts to designate Topanga Canyon Blvd as a scenic highway, to help minimize congestion during times of road construction and be a member of the Topanga’s Small Business Alliance.

Want to voice other concerns?
The Council, through regular monthly meetings, addresses many issues. Residents are encouraged to come to meetings with specific concerns such as traffic, motorcycle noise, crime, graffiti, etc. In addition, the Council provides forums for discussion and educational workshops to address major topics such as water conservation, special needs housing, equine permitting, emergency preparedness and other matters affecting the community at large.

In addition, the Topanga Town Council provides these community services:

  • OneTopanga.com—Topanga’s virtual one-stop-shop connects us to all things Topanga, including community updates, chats, directory and more.  Visit OneTopanga.com
  • Topanga Access Card—An important item to have in your emergency preparedness kit.
    Apply for your annual Access Card today.


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The Town Council extends its appreciation to all those who since 1977 have served as Board Members, Friends of the Council and for the community’s participation in making Topanga a better place to call home.

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